The CMS Tree Page View settings page.

Today I learned of a way to have a page tree (like TYPO3's) to allow you to see the tree structure of the pages of your Wordpress site. It comes in the form of a plugin called CMS Tree Page View.

I installed this plugin and it wasn't immediately apparent where the tree view of pages was to show up at.

I did find that there were some settings options available for the CMS Tree Page View plugin under the general "Settings" menu located in the left sidebar menu of the Wordpress Dashboard. I chose to click the checkboxes that would show the pages tree view on the dashboard, "in menu", and on the post overview screen (for pages). I only did this for pages, and not for custom posts, but you can have a treeview for custom posts if you wish to.

The pages tree view did a good job at displaying the page tree and providing easy access to common functions related to editing and creation of page.

After clicking on "Save Changes" I was able to see a new submenu underneath the Pages menu item in the dashboard. Clicking on it brought up a nice little AJAX enhanced tree view of the pages of my site.

From this menu you can collapse or expand branches of the tree. There are also menu items in this tree view that allow you to edit current pages or create new ones. It's pretty slick, but not quite nearly as slick as what I'm used to working with on TYPO3.

If you're looking for a way to see the tree like structure of your pages in Wordpress, this might be the plugin you're after.

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