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Do new pages go to the top?
A brand new test page
The ClamAV program clamscan does not appear to be working properly :
LibClamAV Error: cli_loaddb(): No supported database files found in /var/lib/clamav/ ERROR: Can't open file or directory
What 200 calories looks like for various foods
A photo comparison of how much of different foods is equivalent to 200 calories
Tree view for Wordpress pages
The complete guide to installing Nginx & Wordpess on a VPS with Virtualmin
A start-to-finish step by step guide to setting up a VPS or dedicated server with Virtualmin, Nginx, Wordpress, W3 Total Cache, and APC
How to access a Linux partition from Windows
People and branding
I think I need to make a header for my web site
Using the APC web interface
mod_php vs. FastCGI vs. PHP-FPM for Web Server Scripting
TocToc Comments - the super amazing comments extension for TYPO3
A commenting extension that also provides rating, captcha, and Like/Dislike ratings.
Install the PHP APC cache on Debian to make your PHP web site faster
Squidoo seems like a spammer's paradise
Where to buy tahini
I found a popular store that sells tahini
Ubuntu + FFMPEG error : Unknown encoder 'libx264'
Download GrooveShark Songs Easily
This cool program will let you download songs from GrooveShark and save them to your computer
Akismet spam protection for TYPO3
The awesome spam protection used on Wordpress sites is available for TYPO3
Threaded comments system for TYPO3
Convert .mkv to .mp4 with Ubuntu
Converting .mkv video files to .mp4 video files is easy with Ubuntu and other similar Linux systems.
Evernote For Linux
Evernote is an excellent note taking application which has a version for just about every operating system except for Linux. Luckily, there's a third party tool that works like Evernote and synchronizes with your Evernote accounts, and it runs on Linux.
nc_staticfilecache and TYPO3 6.0.0
Double Opt-in email sign up extension for TYPO3
If you have a TYPO3 web site and you want to enable double Opt-in email sign ups, look no further.
Android phone handwriting recognition
My search for a good phone and Android application for handwriting recognition purposes
Cygwin SSH Client for Windows
A really good Windows SSH Client that's as simple as running ssh from a Linux terminal
Gow (Gnu on Windows) is an alternative to Cygwin
Gow provides open source utilities for Windows most commonly found on Linux systems
Make Google Search Default in Internet Explorer
I found out how to make Google the default search engine used by Internet Explorer
Looking at git tutorials
Since I'm learning how to use git, I grouped together some links to some good git tutorials and learning materials.
Embedding YouTube videos with TYPO3
YouTube video embedding now works in TYPO3 4.7.3
How I fixed ERROR 23 (HY000) at line 1: Out of resources when opening file
MSRS Recording System - Court and Conference Recorder Review
An easy to use recording system geared toward court and conference recording
Reunion of a man and his wallet after 12+ years!
How to prevent Microsoft Windows from asking for a password when coming out of standby
How to strip HTML tags using typoscript
When do morning glories bloom?
Find out when morning glories bloom
Use typoscript to capitalize the first letter of a string of text
TYPO3 wrap examples
How much water does a dishwasher use?
How to install phpMyAdmin on Centos 6
Cucumbers need a lot of water
Justhost acquired by Bluehost?
Flow. What is it?
Some YouTube video extensions for TYPO3
Embedding YouTube video broken in TYPO3 4.7
In TYPO3 4.7 and in some previous versions, the media content element is now incapable of embedding YouTube videos
Free VPS Server offer available from Host1Free
Host1Free offers free VPS hosting
Why squash shrivels up
I noticed that some of my yellow squash fruit shrivels up on the vine and disappears. Here's what I've learned about a possible reason why this happens.
Gluten free cheesecake
Gluten free pizza
Gluten free cake pops
Herb Stuffed Tomatoes
Peanut butter and vanilla ice cream treat
Facial recognition advertising is happening right now
Formatting, converting, and managing dates and times in PHP and MySQL
This article covers date and time in PHP, conversion between PHP and MySQL date formats, and calculations of dates.
Editing YouTube videos. Where to begin.
The Soil Food Web
Self-fertilizing garden guide
Self regulating gardens that require less maintenance while naturally providing the nutrients and water that fruits and vegetables need.
The 50 most popular baby names for twins in 2011
See the 50 most popular names for male twins, female twins, and male and female twins.
Creative Containers
Lasagna Gardening
All about self-fertilizing gardens
Background, principles and maintenance
How to create a self fertilizing garden
How to stop kids from biting
5 types of trumpet mutes
Learn about these 5 trumpet mutes and what they sound like
How to convert pixels to ems
How to count the number of items in an array in both PHP and Javascript
How to share directories with a Virtualbox virtual machine running Ubuntu
A guide for configuring access to a shared directory on your host machine from an Ubuntu virtual machine.
Norwegian Gravlax Recipe
How you can create your own personal cloud service with free software
We are all aware that storing data in the cloud has its own advantages, making our data available everywhere we go. But storing our personal data on someone else’s server might lead to concerns about privacy. Check out the recently released ownCloud 3, which lets you host your data on your own server.
How to copy a web site with wget
Create your own app in 5 minutes
Scan your web site for malware with these free tools
This is how to fix the EXPLORER.EXE CORRUPTED OR INFECTED error
Two free disk space usage analyzers to help you clear up space on your hard drive
How to stop thumb sucking in children, some general advice
How to test the disk of a Linux system using the 'dd' command.
How to use 'dd' to benchmark the disk of a Linux system
How to scan documents with your point and shoot camera.
How to install NVIDIA drivers on Ubuntu
How to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu
How to install ATI Catalyst 12.3 drivers on Ubuntu
How to get rid of fruit flies the easy way
How to connect to a PPTP VPN from an OpenVZ CentOS VPS
How to install Adobe Flash Player on 64-Bit CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux
This install guide will show you how to install Adobe Flash Player on 64 bit CentOS 6 and RHEL 6
How to make a fruit fly trap
How to install MATE desktop on Ubuntu
How To Format Google+ Posts
How to make a paper gift box
How to Get Rid of Head Lice
Get rid of a candida yeast infection with better gut ecology
Getting out of Shyness by Feeling that you're loved
Good-Bye to Shy espouses Graduated Exposure Therapy (GET) to treat shyness
A scientific look at shyness
Mushroom Biryani Recipe
How to record streaming audio on Linux with StreamRipper
These instructions, made for Ubuntu or Debian systems, will show you how to record streaming radio stations or other audio streams on your Linux computer.
phpVirtualBox — A web based administration interface for VirtualBox
Now you can take control of VirtualBox instances with a browser based control panel.
Italy and Greece vacation on a budget
Two friends share their budget tour of Rome, Venice, and Athens
How to Write file using BufferedOutputStream
Using BufferedOutputStream to write Binary data
How to start or stop the Apple file server from the command line
List of (x)HTML entities
Complete reference table of all allowed (X)HTML character entities displayed as HTML Entity codes and Unicode Decimal codes.